In recent years, senior management has been searching for better ways to make informed decisions in order to achieve their business objectives. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is one of the disciplines that go far beyond the silo-based view of risk. It is a holistic discipline in identifying possible risks that a firm would face and choose correct measures that match enterprise’s risk appetite, enabling senior management to be aware of the risks to which it is susceptible, while developing plans designed to respond to these very risks.

Hence, Saudi ERM Conference will bring together leading thinkers and practitioners from across the risk management profession to address key emerging issues. The conference is a must-attend for ERM professionals from Saudi Arabia from a variety of industries to share best practices, strategies and tools on empowering ERM efforts in order to inform the enterprise-wide decision-making process.

Conference Topics:

  • ERM Culture
  • Applying Data Analytics to risk management
  • Enterprise Cybersecurity Risk
  • Risk of Industry 4.0
  • Risk and Insurance
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Projects Risk Management